Authentication and authorization

All REST API resource requests require an OAuth token to be provided in the Authorization header. For more information on the OAuth authorization, read the article dedicated to this issue.

Offer and products

Methods Information
User’s offer information GET /sale/offers
GET /sale/offers/{offerId}
GET /sale/offer-events

- get seller’s offers.+
- get all fields of the particular offer.+
- get events about the seller’s offers.+
Offer management POST /sale/offers
PUT /sale/offers/{offerId}
DELETE /sale/offers/{offerId}
- create a draft offer.+
- complete a draft offer or edit an offer.+
- delete a draft offer.+
Price editing PUT /offers/{offerId}/change-price-commands/{commandId} - modify the Buy Now price in an offer.
Batch editing of the offer publication status PUT /sale/offer-publication-commands/{commandId}
GET /sale/offer-publication-commands/{commandId}
GET /sale/offer-publication-commands/{commandId}/tasks
- batch offer publish/unpublish.+
- publish command summary.+
- publish command detailed report.+
Promotion packages GET /sale/offer-promotion-packages

POST /sale/offers/{offerId}/promo-options-modification
GET /sale/offers/{offerId}/promo-options
PUT /sale/offers/promo-options-commands/{commandId}

GET /sale/offers/promo-options-commands/{commandId}
GET /sale/offers/promo-options-commands/{commandId}/tasks
- get all available offer promotion packages.+
- modify offer promotion packages.+
- get offer promotion packages.+
- batch offer promotion package modification.+
- modification command summary.+
- modification command detailed result.+
Offer with product POST /sale/product-offers
PATCH /sale/product-offers/{offerId}
GET /sale/product-offers/{offerId}

GET /sale/product-offers/{offerId}/operations/{operationId}
- create offer based on product.+
- edit an offer with product.+
- get all data of the particular product-offer.+
- check the processing status of a POST or PATCH request.+
Missing parameters GET /sale/offers/unfilled-parameters

- get offers with missing parameters.+
Categories and parameters GET /sale/categories
GET /sale/categories/{categoryId}
GET /sale/categories/{categoryId}/parameters

GET /sale/category-parameters-scheduled-changes

GET /sale/category-events
GET /sale/matching-categories  
- get IDs of Allegro categories.+
- get a category by ID.+
- get parameters supported by a category.+
- get planned changes in category parameters.+
- get changes in categories.+
- get categories suggestions.+
Images POST /sale/images - upload an offer image.+
Attachments POST /sale/offer-attachments
PUT /sale/offer-attachments/{attachmentId}
- create an offer attachment.+
- upload an offer attachment.+
Products GET /sale/categories/{categoryId}/product-parameters

GET /sale/products
GET /sale/products/{productId}
POST /sale/product-proposals
POST /sale/products/{productId}/change-proposals
GET /sale/products/change-proposals/{id}

- get product parameters available in given category.+
- get search products results.+
- get all data of the particular product.+
- propose a product.+
- propose changes in product.+
- get the status of the product change proposal.+
Batch offer modification PUT /sale/offer-modification-commands/{commandId}
GET /sale/offer-modification-commands/{commandId}
GET /sale/offer-modification-commands/{commandId}/tasks
PUT /sale/offer-price-change-commands/{commandId}
GET /sale/offer-price-change-commands/{commandId}
GET /sale/offer-price-change-commands/{commandId}/tasks
PUT /sale/offer-quantity-change-commands/{commandId}
GET /sale/offer-quantity-change-commands/{commandId}
GET /sale/offer-quantity-change-commands/{commandId}/tasks
- batch offer modification.+
- modification command summary.+
- modification command detailed report.+

- batch offer price modification.+
- change price command summary.+
- change price command detailed report.+

- batch offer quantity modification.+
- change quantity command summary.+
- change quantity command detailed report.+
Offer variants POST /sale/offer-variants
GET /sale/offer-variants
PUT /sale/offer-variants/{setId}
GET /sale/offer-variants/{setId}
DELETE /sale/offer-variants/{setId}
- create variant set.+
- get the user’s variant sets.+
- update variant set.+
- get a variant set.+
- delete a variant set.+
Tags POST /sale/offer-tags
GET /sale/offer-tags
DELETE /sale/offer-tags/{tagId}
PUT /sale/offer-tags/{tagId}
POST /sale/offers/{offerId}/tags
GET /sale/offers/{offerId}/tags
- create a tag.+
- get the user’s tags.+
- delete a tag.+
- modify a tag.+
- assign tags to an offer.+
- get tags assigned to an offer.+
Tax settings GET /sale/tax-settings - get all tax settings for category.+
Compatibility List GET /sale/compatibility-list/supported-categories

GET sale/compatibility-list-suggestions
GET /sale/compatible-products/groups
GET /sale/compatible-products
- get list of categories where compatibility list is supported.+
- get suggested compatibility list.+
- get list of compatible product groups.+
- get list of compatible products.+
Rebates and promotions
- large order discount
- wholesale price list
- quantity discount
- promotional set of offers
POST /sale/loyalty/promotions

GET /sale/loyalty/promotions
GET /sale/loyalty/promotions/{promotionId}

PUT /sale/loyalty/promotions/{promotionId}

DELETE /sale/loyalty/promotions/{promotionId}

Add a new promotion:
- large order discount.+
- wholesale price list.+
- quantity discount.+
- promotional set of offers.+
Get the user’s list of promotions.+
Get information about:
- a discount on a large order. +
- wholesale price lists.+
- quantity discounts.+
- promotional sets of offers.+
Modify a promotion:
- large order discount.+
- wholesale price lists.+
Remove promotion:
- large order discount.+
- wholesale price lists.+
- quantity discounts.+
- promotional sets of offers.+
Promotion campaigns
- quantity discounts
POST sale/loyalty/promotion-campaigns

GET /sale/loyalty/promotion-campaigns
DEL /sale/loyalty/promotion-campaigns
GET /sale/loyalty/promotion-campaign-applications/{applicationId}
DELETE /sale/loyalty/promotion-campaign-applications/{applicationId}
- create an application for a promotion campaign.+
- get the user’s promotion campaigns.+
- delete a campaign in a promotion.+
- get an application for promotion campaign.+
- delete an application for promotion campaign.+
Badge campaigns
(“Hit”, “New”, “Sale”, “Occasion Zone”,
Commission 0.5%”
, “Discount”)
GET /sale/badge-campaigns
POST /sale/badges
GET /sale/badges
GET /sale/badge-applications/{applicationId}
GET /sale/badge-applications
PATCH /sale/badges/offers/{offerId}/campaigns/{campaignId}
GET /sale/badge-operations​/{operationId}

- get a list of available badge campaigns.+
- apply for badge in selected offer.+
- get a list of badges.+
- get a badge application details.+
- get a list of badge applications.+
- command change of the price or end of the offer designation in the campaign.+
- check status of the price change or end of the offer designation in the campaign.+
Allegro Prices GET /sale/allegro-prices-offer-consents/{offerId}

PUT /sale/allegro-prices-offer-consents/{offerId}
GET /sale/allegro-prices-account-eligibility

PUT /sale/allegro-prices-account-consent
- get the current consent value for an offer.+
- update consent value for an offer.+
- get the current eligibility information for the account.+
- update consent value for the account.+
Offer rating GET /sale/offers/{offerId}/rating
- get offer rating.+
Classifields GET /sale/offer-classifieds-packages/{offerId}

PUT /sale/offer-classifieds-packages/{offerId}
GET /sale/classifieds-packages
GET /sale/classifieds-packages/{packageId} 
- get classified packages assigned to an offer.+
- assign packages to a classified.+
- get configurations of packages.+
- get the configuration of a package.+
Pricing POST /pricing/offer-fee-preview

GET /pricing/offer-quotes 
- calculate fee and commission for an offer.+
- get the user’s current offer quotes.+


Methods Information
Order events GET /order/events
GET /order/event-stats
- get events to monitor actions in orders.+
- get information about the last event.+
Orders GET /order/checkout-forms
GET /order/checkout-forms/{id}
- get the user’s orders.+
- get an order’s details.+
Carriers GET /order/carriers
GET /order/checkout-forms/{id}/shipments

POST /order/checkout-forms/{id}/shipments
- get a list of available shipping carriers.+
- get the tracking numbers added to your order.+
- add a tracking number to order.+
Orders status PUT /order/checkout-forms/{id}/fulfillment - set seller order status.+
Invoices GET /order/checkout-forms/{id}/invoices

POST /order/checkout-forms/{id}/invoices
PUT /order/checkout-forms/{id}/invoices/{invoiceId}/file
- get information about invoices added to the order.+
- post new invoice.+
- upload invoice file.+  
Payments GET /payments/payment-operations
POST /payments/refunds
GET /payments/refunds
- get a list of payment operations.+
- initiate a refund of a payment.+
- get a list of refunded payments.+
Disputes GET /sale/disputes
GET /sale/disputes/{disputeId}
GET /sale/disputes/{disputeId}/messages
POST /sale/disputes/{disputeId}/messages
POST /sale/dispute-attachments
PUT /sale/dispute-attachments/{attachmentId}
GET /sale/dispute-attachments/{attachmentId}
- get the user’s disputes.+
- get details about the disputes.+
- get the messages within a dispute.+
- add a message to a dispute.+
- create an attachment declaration.+
- upload a dispute message attachment.+
- get an attachment.+
Parcel management GET /parcel-management/delivery-services
PUT /parcel-management/parcel-create-commands/{commandId}
GET /parcel-management/parcel-create-commands/{commandId}
GET /parcel-management/parcels/{parcelId}
GET /parcel-management/pickup-date-proposals
PUT /parcel-management/parcel-pickup-request-commands/{commandId}
GET /parcel-management/parcel-pickup-request-commands/{commandId}
GET /parcel-management/parcels/label
GET /parcel-management/parcels/protocol
PUT /parcel-management/parcel-cancel-commands/{commandId}
GET /parcel-management/parcel-cancel-commands/{commandId}
- get available delivery services.+
- create a new parcel.+

- get parcel creation status.+

- get parcel details.+
- get parcels pickup date proposals.+
- request parcel pickup.+

- get parcel pickup status.+

- create a label fo parce.+
- get parcels protocols.+
- cancel parcel.+

- get parcel cancellation status.+
Customer returns GET /order/customer-returns
GET /order/customer-returns/{customerReturnId}

POST /order/customer-returns/{customerReturnId}/rejection
- retrieve a list of customer returns.+
- retrieve detailed information about customer return.+
- reject customer return refund.+
Commission refunds) GET /order/refund-claims/{claimId}

DELETE /order/refund-claims/{claimId}
GET /order/refund-claims
POST /order/refund-claims
- get details for a single refund application.+
- cancel a refund application.+
- get a list of refund applications.+
- create a refund application.+
Blacklist management POST /sale/blacklisted-users
DELETE /sale/blacklisted-users/{excludedUserId}
- add user to the blacklist.+
- remove users from the blacklist.+

Sale settings

Methods Information
Return policies GET /after-sales-service-conditions/return-policies
POST /after-sales-service-conditions/return-policies
GET /after-sales-service-conditions/return-policies/{returnPolicyId}
PUT /after-sales-service-conditions/return-policies/{returnPolicyId}
- get the list of return policies.+
- create new user’s return policy.+
- get the user’s return policy.+

- change the user’s return policy.+
Implied warranties GET /after-sales-service-conditions/implied-warranties
POST /after-sales-service-conditions/implied-warranties

GET /after-sales-service-conditions/implied-warranties/{impliedWarrantyId}
PUT /after-sales-service-conditions/implied-warranties/{impliedWarrantyId}
- get the user’s implied warranties.+
- create new user’s implied warranty.+
- get the user’s implied warranty.+

- change the user’s implied warranty.+  
Warranties GET /after-sales-service-conditions/warranties
POST /after-sales-service-conditions/warranties
GET /after-sales-service-conditions/warranties/{warrantyId}
PUT /after-sales-service-conditions/warranties/{warrantyId}
POST /after-sales-service-conditions/attachments

PUT /after-sales-service-conditions/attachments/{attachmentId}
- get the user’s warranties.+
- create new user’s warranty.+
- get the user’s warranty.+
- change the user’s warranty.+
- create a warranty attachment metadata.+
- upload an warranty attachment.+

Delivery (settings and shipping rates) GET /sale/shipping-rates
POST /sale/shipping-rates
GET /sale/shipping-rates/{id}

PUT /sale/shipping-rates/{id}
GET /sale/delivery-settings
PUT /sale/delivery-settings

GET /sale/delivery-methods
GET /sale/offers/{offerId}/shipping-rates
- get the user’s shipping rates.+
- create a new shipping rates set.+
- Get the details of a shipping rates set.+
- edit a user’s shipping rates set.+
- get the user’s delivery settings.+
- modify the user’s delivery settings.+
- get the list of delivery methods.+
- get shipping rates assigned to an offer.
Additional services POST /sale/offer-additional-services/groups
GET /sale/offer-additional-services/groups

GET /sale/offer-additional-services/definitions

GET /sale/offer-additional-services/groups/{groupId}

PUT /sale/offer-additional-services/groups/{groupId}
- create additional services group.+
- get the user’s additional services groups.+
- get the user’s additional services definitions.+
- get the details of an additional services group.+
- modify an additional services group.+
Size tables GET /sale/size-tables/{tableId}
GET /sale/size-tables
POST /sale/size-tables
PUT /sale/size-tables/{tableId}
GET /sale/size-tables-templates
- get a size table details.+
- get the user’s size tables.+
- create a size table.+
- edit the size table.+
- get a list of table templates.+
Points of service POST /points-of-service
GET /points-of-service
GET /points-of-service/{id}

PUT /points-of-service/{id}
DELETE /points-of-service/{id}
- create a point of service.+
- get the user’s points of service.+
- get the details of a point of service.+
- modify a point of service.+
- delete a point of service.+
Contacts POST /sale/offer-contacts
GET /sale/offer-contacts
GET /sale/offer-contacts/{id}
PUT /sale/offer-contacts/{id}
- create a new contact.+
- get the user’s contacts.+
- get contact details.+
- modify contact details.+


Methods Information
User ratings GET /sale/user-ratings
PUT /sale/user-ratings/{ratingId}/answer
PUT /sale/user-ratings/{ratingId}/removal
- get the user’s ratings.+
- answer for user’s rating.+
- Request removal of user’s rating.+
Classification in the Allegro Smart! program
GET /sale/offers/{offerId}/smart
GET /sale/smart
- check the offer classification.+
- check the seller classification.+
Information about user GET /me - get basic information about user.+
Message Center GET /messaging/threads
GET /messaging/threads/{threadId}
PUT /messaging/threads/{threadId}/read
POST /messaging/messages
GET /messaging/threads/{threadId}/messages
POST /messaging/threads/{threadId}/messages
GET /messaging/messages/{messageId}
DELETE /messaging/messages/{messageId}
POST /messaging/message-attachments
PUT /messaging/message-attachments/{attachmentId}
GET /messaging/message-attachments/{attachmentId}
- retrieve the list of user threads.+
- retrieve a thread with provided identifier.+
- mark a particular thread as read.+
- write a new message to recipient.+
- retrieve a list of messages in thread.+
- write a new message in existing thread.+
- retrieve a message with provided identifier.+
- delete message with provided identifier.+
- add attachment declaration before uploading.+
- add an attachment.+

- download attachment with provided identifier.+

e-mail GET /account/additional-emails
POST /account/additional-emails

GET /account/additional-emails/{emailId}

DELETE /account/additional- emails/{emailId}
- get user’s additional emails.+
- add a new additional email address to user’s account.+
- get information about a particular additional email.+
- delete an additional email address.+
Billing GET /billing/billing-entries

GET /billing/billing-types
- get a list of billing entries.+
- get a list of billing types.+
Auctions and Bidding PUT /bidding/offers/{offerId}/bid
GET /bidding/offers/{offerId}/bid
- place a bid in an auction.
- get current user’s bid information.
Charity GET /charity/fundraising-campaigns - search fundraising campaigns.+
Public user information GET /users/{userId}/ratings-summary - get public user information.+
Public offer information GET /offers/listing - get public information about the offer.+